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My works deal with space, time, material and body.

In my work I create and assemble three-dimensional models by mixing various materials like sand, cement, candles wax and pigments and casting it into form.

With the creation of the model, I scan it in different lights exposures. This scan creates bi-dimensional images. 

This fascinating intersection between the material objects and the scan operation produces Transformation to images.

These images express my emotional experience and perception of my internal world.


The other art field I work in is large-scale space-adapted installations. Here too, the tension between material and no material exists. The material redefines the space and dictates the conduct of the visitor within it. These installations are a process of biodegradable material that is "frozen" in time, and raises questions of boundary, temporality and perishability.


In both areas of the work a figurative dimension emerges. Images of body parts and internal organs crystallized by experimental hybridization of matter. The material here represents the metaphysical, emotional or spiritual while the pattern and skeleton represent the limited, permanent material. The works are a hybrid that does not allow separation of these elements.

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